Ride St Albans
Come and see us!

Come and see us!

Be sure to come down and check out our new premises.

During these unprecedented times we have seen the ‘cycling bug’ take hold and everyone has taken to riding a bike which is fantastic for all sorts of reasons but it has taken a toll on bike stocks within the UK. Once we have re-stocked we will be able to continue to have a wide range of bikes for every type of cyclist. Please keep checking back to see when stock is in.

We do have available the awesome G6 range from Greyp Bikes.
Greyp bikes are exclusive to ‘Ride St Albans’ – we are the first and only dealership in the UK to stock these incredible bikes. We are very proud to be their flagship store in the UK.

Also in stock are the kids range ‘Squish’ – lightweight – easy to ride. Smart bikes for little people!

CTH Services will be continuing to provide our customers with the best bike repairs, services and maintenance.

Contact us on 01727 614778 if you have any questions and for information about the Greyp range head to Greyp.com

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