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Why I choose Greyp…

Why I choose Greyp…

Buying the Greyp ticked all the boxes for me on all aspects of looking or a performance e-bike with cutting edge technology.

I have ridden many other makes of e-bikes which some have given greater power output but the rider experience was not the same as a Greyp.  


The Greyp’s motor is smoother than other leading brands and the connectivity of the technology for me is everything I look for in a bike of this quality.  

For me personally riding the Greyp makes me feel 20 years younger – when riding it feels like an extension of yourself and I love losing myself in the whole riding experience.  The Greyp is also a fantastic leveller for all age and fitness abilities – you can be part of a team or group with ease.


- Dave Lote

Love the thrill of the ride and the Greyp allows boring terrain become faster, even more fun and challenging.   

To give an example Aston Hill for a normal bike is a chore and can only get round a few times before running out of energy, but on Greyp can do loads more circuits – more challenging runs. 

"The Greyp just eats it up - makes the mundane terrain into exciting great cool fun!"


- Doug Lote

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