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Winter Servicing

Winter Servicing

Winter Servicing for Road bikes, MTB, Hybrids & E-bikes.
Yep, Winter is coming! ❄️ Servicing is more important than ever when the Autumn/Winter seasons come as the conditions get tougher.

❗️Remember to check: ❗️
• Tyres before riding. Ideally, you should change to a set of winter tyres. This will help with the slippery conditions and give you more grip on your rides.
• Get yourself a decent set of lights! You want a light on the front and the back of your bike.💡
• Invest in a saddlebag and a puncture repair kit as well as a small pump. – This will be a godsend if you, unfortunately, get a puncture on a ride!🙌🏼
• Wear reflective clothing – the main thing to remember when riding in the winter months is to be visible!!👀
• CLEAN YOUR BIKE! Yes, it can be a pain to have to clean your bike but if you want to keep it in good condition cleaning off any mud and debris that may have built up on a ride will help with the wear and prevention of rust!✨

At Ride St Albans we offer a full Winter service to repair your bike for the tougher conditions.

Which includes:
• Brake and gear checks.
• Application of wet lube on the chain – this is super important in the cold weather.
• As well as all of the year-round servicing checks we make on all bikes.

Give us a call if you have any other questions! ☎️ 01727 614778 ☎️

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