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Our Guide to Buying Kids’ Bike Helmets…

Our Guide to Buying Kids’ Bike Helmets…

It’s very important that for every bike ride your child undertakes whether a short or long ride, they must always wear a helmet.

To ensure maximum protection their helmet needs to fit perfectly and with the already minefield of choice on offer along with the different styles and colours we have put together a mini-guide on how to choose the best helmet for your child.

How to size your Kids’ helmet…

The first thing you should do before you start looking for a helmet you need to know the size of your child’s head. Manufacturer’s use centimetres or inches to indicate size on kids’ helmets, so you will need an accurate measurement in order to get the correct fit. 

We recommend you use a flexible tape measure like the ones you find in a sewing box to get your child’s head measurement; it’s flexible, easy and comfortable for them. If you don’t have flexible tape, then a piece of string and a ruler will do the job.

Lazer Kids Helmets for cycling

Wrap the flexible tape measure or string around your child’s head, with the tape sitting approximately an inch above their eyebrows. The tape or string should not be too tight and should be level around their head. Write down the measurement in both inches and centimetres – some helmets can have the sizing in one or the other.

If you’re using string, keep your finger or thumb on the point where the string overlaps, then lie it on or next to your ruler or flexible tape measure, before writing the measurement down.

Buying the correct helmet for your child…

Once you have measured up – you are ready to try a few helmets on. Pop to our Shop with who is going to be wearing the helmet? One of our Team will be very happy to help you. If the helmet is going to be part of a Christmas or Birthday surprise don’t worry you can still buy using the measurements, you took. 

At Ride St Albans we sell a wide range of helmets in a variety of colours, shapes and styles, including kids’ mountain bike helmets, character helmets, full-face kids helmets.

• It features the same technical specifications as an adult helmet: the ATS® retention system, an integrated peak and 19 vents to keep you cool
• The in-mould construction technique keeps the weight down and provides great impact protection
• It’s the perfect transition helmet, from youth into adulthood
• Size: Youth Uni-Size 52-56 cm
• £29.99




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