Ride Gold Full Suspension

Ride Gold FS Service

26” Wheel & Above – £240.00 + parts

Our Ride Gold FS Service covers:

  • Visually inspect complete bike.
  • Full strip down of bike and rebuild undertaking the following:
  • Fully assess wear of parts – chain, cassette, brake pads, bearings, cables etc.
  • Headset – Check, adjustment & re-grease as required.
  • Derailleurs, chain set, chain and cassette – clean and service.
  • Bottom Bracket – clean, re-grease and refit.
  • Complete hydraulic Brake Service – (disc pads checked & hydraulics bled
  • Complete Gear Service – (Cost of inner & outer cables included).
  • Seat post – clean and re-grease.
  • Pedals – clean re-grease and refit.
  • Check all fixing bolts and tighten to specified torques.
  • Wheels – true, tension and clean. Re-grease as required.
  • Tyres – Inspect, inflate to recommended PSI.
  • Full valet and lubricate bike.
  • Test ride to check that the bike is working correctly & safely.

Please note we will not service the forks or rear shock as both parts need specialist equipment. Should you require these servicing we can quote a separate price for this.

Recommend our Ride Gold FS Service every 18 months