Our Guide to Buying Kids’ Bike Helmets…

It’s very important that for every bike ride your child undertakes whether a short or long ride, they must always wear a helmet. To ensure maximum protection their helmet needs to fit perfectly and with the already minefield of choice on offer along with the different styles and colours we have put together a mini-guide on how to choose the […]


As well as protecting your bike, the award-winning frame protection also offers a host of other benefits over cheaper alternatives: Non-Yellowing invisiFRAME Kits don’t yellow, so unlike cheap heli-tape or partial kits, the bike is the only thing that will catch your eye.  Self-Healing With the application of a little heat, light scratches will self-heal. Custom Design Millimetre perfect, size […]

Top 8 Benefits of Cycling

1. Decreased stress levels and improve mental health. We are sure that we have all experienced stress in our lives and some may be feeling more stressed now than ever before – for obvious reasons. This is the perfect time to get your body moving and in doing that you will reduce your stress levels, free your mind and reduce […]

Winter Servicing

Winter Servicing for Road bikes, MTB, Hybrids & E-bikes. Yep, Winter is coming! ❄️ Servicing is more important than ever when the Autumn/Winter seasons come as the conditions get tougher. ❗️Remember to check: ❗️ • Tyres before riding. Ideally, you should change to a set of winter tyres. This will help with the slippery conditions and give you more grip […]

Ride Outs @ Ride St Albans

Fancy a ‘Ride Out’ with our Greyp brand ambassadors, Dave and Doug Lote? Every Tuesday we will be running ‘Ride Outs’ around the local area (St Albans), bring your own bike, e-bike, or MTB, arrive at the Ride St Albans shop at 6:15 pm to then head out at 6:30 pm. Generally between 1-2 hours of riding. This is a […]

Come and see us!

Be sure to come down and check out our new premises.⠀During these unprecedented times we have seen the ‘cycling bug’ take hold and everyone has taken to riding a bike which is fantastic for all sorts of reasons but it has taken a toll on bike stocks within the UK. Once we have re-stocked we will be able to continue […]